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What is Breast Cancer? Symptoms and Risk Factors

Typically, one out of eight women has the risk of breast cancer and at least one out of thirty women may die from it. Do you know, what is breast cancer? Symptoms and risk factors of breast cancer you should know.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the very common and dangerous disease which grows in the female breast. It makes an extra part in the breast, which is in outside of the main three parts- lobules, ducts, and connective tissue. Lobules produce milk; ducts carry the milk to the nipple and connective tissue construct a connection to hold everything jointly.

Breast cancer’s tissue can be spread quickly into the other area outside of the breast. Medical science finds out different types of breast cancer and it depends on the cancerous cell name. Breast cancer mostly occurs in lobules and ducts cell and it spread to outside via blood vessels or lymph vessels. Although risk of breast cancer is very high for women, it can occur in men also.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Sometimes breast cancer has occurred without any sign or symptoms. Therefore we have to examine the breast by the specialist periodically. Physical examine and mammogram screening can be helpful to diagnosis of breast cancer.

Here we are going to explain some usual symptoms only and remember that these are not specified as breast cancer. So if you feel any sign please consult with your doctor quickly. The symptoms you may experience-

  • Breast Lump– you may feel the lump in your breast by touching on it, this is a symptom of breast cancer. But all breast lump is not cancerous, it may be fibroadenoma or cyst.
  • Breast sizes– suddenly you may see the sizes and shapes vary between both breasts. Even it may be seen on the nipple sizes also. Different sizes breast is also the symptom of breast cancer, Though, some women’s have the different sizes breasts naturally.
  • Breast color– if you see the breasts-color has been changed to red, give attention on it because it is also taken as a symptom. But due to trauma or pressure, your breast can be reddish for some time and that’s not cancer.
  • Nipple’s discharge– you may experience unusual nipple discharge from both or single nipple. This discharge can be the sign of breast cancer.
  • Pain in breast– you may suffer from breast pain, it is also a symptom of breast cancer. Excluding the pain, that occurs from trauma or pressure.
  • Rash– suddenly you may see the rash on breasts and you may think it is an allergic infection or skin disease but you should give attention to it. If it’s cause of skin diseases it could be excluded.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Most of the breast cancer occurs in women and when they getting older age such as 50 years or more. There have multiple risk factors for breast cancer although without any risk factors anyone can suffer from it.

On other hands, having the risk factors some women may not get the experience of breast cancer. So if you have risk factors, please consult with your doctor to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  • Being a woman– women have the bigger possibility than men to suffer from breast cancer.
  • Older Age– Most of the time breast cancer occurs in older age so be aware if you are getting 50 years.
  • Genetic factor– research found fifty percent of breast cancer occurs by genetic factors such- BRCA1 and BRCA2. So if someone had breast cancer in your family you should be aware.
  • Dense breast– the women with dense breast have the excess connective tissue, therefore, it’s hard to identify the lump on mammography. The dense breast has more possibility of breast cancer.
  • Alcohol– studies found that the women who have taken alcohol regularly are suffering from breast cancer. So drinking alcohol is the risk factor for breast cancer.
  • Medication– hormonal treatments, radiation, and contraceptive can be the risk factor for breast cancer.
  • Breast diseases– lump, cyst, breast pain, nipple discharge, etc are also the risk factors for breast cancer.

If you have any symptoms and risk factors for breast cancer you should go to your doctor immediately. Try to detect early because early detection of breast cancer is safe for your life.

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