Vitamin A Supplement for postpartum women

Vitamin A supplement is essential for the visible fitness, immune feature and fetal development. Globally the deficiency of vitamin A is the most common health issue especially in Africa and south-east-Asia. It may bring visual damage into the night-blindness in child age. It may also expand the risk of sickness and childhood infection may push into death. Vitamin A deficiency is also a cause of measles and diarrhoea.

Normally newborn babies are born with low level of vitamin A and they are depending of outer sources, mainly it is on breastfeeding. In this case mothers has to take vitamin A or supplements in pregnancy period and after delivery. mostly in postpartum period to fulfill the lack of vitamin A content for mothers and babies.

If a mother is sufferer from deficiency of vitamin A or lack of nutrition, she might supply breastfeeding with insufficient content of vitamin A. I notice here postpartum period might increase the vitamin A status therefore mothers can produce breast-milk with content of vitamin A that improve the health and body growth of babies.

The women in postpartum should take sufficient nutrition or vitamin A that will come from multiple foods sources, here some foods supplements with vitamin A we are describing bellow.

Vitamin A foods supplements should take by postpartum women


Mango the natural product is a standout amongst the most popular, nutritiously rich fruit with exceptional flavor, aroma, tasty and healthy.  It is an amazing resource of vitamin A, and from 100 grams of fresh mango gives 765 IU or 25% of vitamin A suggested level in a day. Vitamin A is also recommended for postpartum women to keeping up healthy skin for both of mother and baby.


Milk is the important source of necessary vitamins and minerals, that include vitamin-A. Drinking a glass of milk three or four times in a day can boost the quantity of vitamin A. However it will help to consume sufficient of many different nutrients. In one cup of milk has 112 micro-grams of vitamin-A and 16% of seven hundred micro-grams vitamin a is recommended for women and 12% of nine hundred micro-grams suggested for men in a day.


Eating tomatoes have a lot of benefits for health. Actually tomatoes are the main nutritional source of antioxidant that is helpful for good health. It decreasing the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Most of the peoples think tomatoes as vegetable although it is a fruit. Anyway you have to eat more tomato to getting high amount of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A. Only one medium sized tomato gives 20% of vitamin-A which needed for you in a day.


Papaya has multi-vitamins, enzyme, minerals and anti-oxidants. Especially it is a noticeable source of vitamin-A. Only a small papaya gives 29% of vitamin A as an exact quantity for a day. You can eat the tasty papaya as a fruit or can eat as salad.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is also one of the major source of vitamin-A. Eating the tasty delicious sweet potato is a benefit to gain rich-nutrients content. There has unbelievable 438% of vitamin A which is require in a day.

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