Iodine importance and iodine food sources

What is Iodine?

Iodine: Iodine is one kind of mineral what is essential for our health. Iodine helps to growing thyroid-hormones which are very needful to increasing body growth, regulating the metabolism. It is also helps to develop child’s brain during and after pregnancy.

Remember that you have to understand about iodine importance because very little amount of iodine to keep good-health but lacking of iodine health may affect for a long time. Iodine does not come from your body so you have to eat more iodine rich foods. However there has no equal iodine content in all foods so make sure that there has rich iodine in foods you are eating.

What happening if I have insufficient iodine:

Eating of little amount iodine over a lengthy time may decrease the capacity to keep the perfect measure of thyroid-hormones in blood. This could suggest that thyroid size can increase to entrap iodine that’s why thyroid gland will swell and anybody able to see that swelling in your neck. It’s more probable that too small amount of iodine-rich foods in your daily eating routine may cause of low level of thyroid-hormones. Having insufficient iodine during pregnancy might effect on your baby’s brain capability, bring down intelligence quotient (IQ) or decrease the ability of reading.


Iodine is essential to making the thyroid-hormones. However it is very risky to have small amount of iodine or excessive amount of iodine. Proper nutritional sources consist of fish, shellfish and dairy-products. Iodine is important for a mother in pregnancy period and after delivery that also helps to develop the child’s brain and body growth.

Top 05 foods with highest iodine everybody should know:


Strawberries are a delicious and nutrient-rich fruit that gives your body with many nutrient and minerals. It is not only a tasty fruit but there has amazing iodine sources. An individual needed to take thirteen micrograms iodine everyday that may come from only one cup of strawberries juice.


The quickest and healthiest way to getting an energy booster you have to eat a banana. Eating a single banana is a quickest and healthiest method to increase your energy, thankful in component to the excessive potassium content material. However lot of people doesn’t understand that bananas have comprised iodine, Also it is a supplement of high iodine-diet to building them healthy. A middle-sized banana may supply three micrograms of vital iodine.

Boiled Eggs

Solid boiled eggs are healthy foods that give us vitamin A, vitamin-D, Zinc oxide, calcium, anti-oxidants and many more. Additionally there has a lot of iodine contents. One solid boiled egg offers simply underneath ten percent of the iodine need in a day. Getting a light and healthful meal, piece a solid boiled egg over a green-leafy and veggie-stuffed salad.


Milk is normally the drink of choice for anybody who is stressful over a calcium and vitamin-D insufficiency. However milk also carries numerous different nutrients which include the necessary iodine. In a cup of milk include outstanding fifty six micrograms of mineral or approximately thirty-seven percent that average individual must eat every day.

Baked Potatoes

To getting the essential vitamins, baked potato is a higher option than pureed potato. A large portion of the imperative dietary staples for example fiber, vitamin and potassium is enclosed in the skin. Baked-potatoes are a wonderful resource of iodine; a medium-sized potato gives about forty percent of the suggested daily quantity of iodine.

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