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Cause of Osteoporosis: What you eat affects your bones

Cause of osteoporosis: There is a basic principle that stands out in the practice of medicine: What we eat influences our health and bones that may cause of osteoporosis. This principle is so simple and so logical that it is surprising. That the medical profession has had so many problems to grasp it.

Many doctors, despite having taken the Hippocratic Oath, reject the famous words proclaimed by Hippocrates: “Let your foods to be your medicines and your medicines to be your foods.”

Eat Natural foods

Natural foods can improve your bones health and can prevent osteoporosis. Typically, as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D may cause of osteoporosis.

Nutrient medicines are a recurring matter that causes degenerative diseases. At least partially, the modern food, which contains chemical additives, sugar, fat, salt refined flour, caffeine, a large quantity of alcohol, processed foods.

Best advices for everyone, irrespective of their particular physical problems, make “food” pure. That is to reduce the cost of garbage meal and increase your intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and other natural foods.

Following this advice, there is no doubt that, they increase the healthy energy levels. Therefore, you will suffer less depression or anxiety. Also, they are helping to decrease the complaint of headaches and increase good intestinal function.

Food and bone health

If we think, bones are also biological tissues as like as the rest of the body. Then undoubtedly that what we put in our mouth will also determine the health of our bones. Most people think that calcium is the only important thing to avoid osteoporosis.

The problem is that the hypothesis that bone tissues need different nutrients and ignores the complex interaction with the rest of the body. The specific effects of food in bone health is not yet determine. But there is evidence of this data which primarily plays a role in the development of the bone.

Three basic cause of osteoporosis

  • First, we eat too much sugar, caffeine, salt, and alcohol. Eating each of these substances is associated with increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Second, today’s diet probably contains less than a number of vitamins and minerals it used to contain at any other times and this are the method that is now our food is grown and refined.
  • Third, some of the current processing techniques used in the food industry produce chemical changes in foods that negatively affect the health of body tissues including bone tissues.

Prevent osteoporosis by foods

In short, these factors related to our modern diet are not only the cause of osteoporosis but also developing the other chronic diseases. A health-promoting diet is one that emphasizes the consumption of fresh, natural foods. For example, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes. Foods derived from animals, dairy products, and salt should use sparingly, and sweets, refined flours, caffeine, chemical additives. Remember that, you should avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Although the human body is very resistant and is able to survive a lot of pressure. Following the principles of a good table more closely might help to enjoy more health benefits later. This principle applies to all body systems, including the skeletal system. So the first step to avoid osteoporosis begins with an intelligent selection of foods in our diet.

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