Breastfeeding and Solid foods Schedule for kids

Breastfeeding benefits for both mom and baby: Breast milk is the most effective food for the first six month of baby life that helps your baby to developing the growth and be healthiest. It’s easy to digest and better for all others formula feed that mother should be understood. The baby has no need to take extra water after feeding sufficient breast milk.

The risks of infections are decreased for antibody contains which is in breast milk. Vitamin-D is most important for baby and need minimum 10 micro-grams in a day which is come from breast milk and sunlight. Also it is the best method to bonding mother and babies each other. It may reduce the possibility of breast-cancer and ovarian-cancer for breastfeeding mother.

Breast feeding schedule should to follow by every mother, cause breast milk provides best nutrition for baby, and so that mother should take more nutritional foods to supply adequate breast milk for two years. Babies are requiring absolutely breastfeeding for first 6 months to till 2 years of baby’s life, WHO recommended.

Introducing solid to breastfed baby from six months old

When babies are passing six months of their life, solid should be introduced to them and different foods should be introduced gradually until one year of age. It may help to increase the ability of eating the homemade recipes. Some of babies take extra time to accept solid but keep trying carefully and it is enough to give once a day in the beginning but might increase slowly.

You have to realize about the first food for breastfed baby, know how to feed six months old baby and you should make a solid feeding schedule that your baby will like. But remember that, if your baby having any problem from eating issue please consult with a child specialist as soon as you can.

Keep in mind, solid food is not sufficient for your baby till 2 years old so that you should continue supply of breast milk with solid. Because breast milk is the ideal food for first six months and both breast milk and solid food are needful till one year and after one year gradually replace the solid food but not immediately, it is a step by step procedure until 2 years. Actually breast-milk is the main source of nutrition that fulfills all the baby needs, so ensure your sufficient milk supply as recommended.

Apply regular eating schedule to 6 months old baby

It may happen your baby does not eat solid food as per your schedule, but child will eat as much as need. When child understand the idea of eating and interested in that are generally happens among six to nine months, it’s the suitable time to start a routine of daily meal.

Mother always wants to make sure that her child fed in time, nobody could ever want their child go to hungry. But sorry to say, the babies can’t tell in words that they are hungry. In this case you have to focus on the signs of hunger that babies are showing. Such as smacking or licking lips, opening-closing the mouth, some of babies are sucking their fingers, lips, cloths, etc. It may not be as your eating schedule but you should to give feed either breast milk and/or formula feed or solid.

Be patient that your baby will learn about the knowledge of eating, in the time of introducing solid foods. Although it may take time 6-12 months and when they start taking more solid foods than breast milk without any complication, it’s the time to apply daily meal schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But again remind that until the babies taking sufficient solid foods or minimum 12 month old; breast-milk and/or formula feed is the essential component of diet for baby.

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