Boost your immunity with 5 natural foods

Body immunity is most important part for a healthy life. But if you think your immunity level is lower than average. You can boost your immunity with 5 natural foods we are describing below.


Garlic is an excellent immunity booster natural food

we all know about the natural quality of garlic. Eating raw garlic in empty stomach is very useful in every morning. But many people do not eat raw garlic. Because garlic has a special type of cymbals, which makes it very difficult to eat raw garlic in empty stomach.

In this case, we can adopt two alternatives to eat garlic in empty stomach. One: At first, garlic had to be cut into small pieces. Then it can be swallowed with water. But the chewing gum is different. It can be used to eat a little bit. Two: Garlic may be eaten with small pieces or bitten by a bud or pepper.

Benefits of garlic: Garlic works as a strong antibiotic. Like researchers, taking garlic on empty stomach helps reduce hypertension and stress. If you have problems with digestion, remove it. It also plays an important role in reducing stomach problems, eliminating other abdominal disorders such as diarrhea, purifying blood and making liver function good. Also, garlic plays an important role in increasing the sexual energy of the male.

Apart from garlic there are many other natural foods that help to increase immunity, such as onions, ginger, pepper and green tea.


Onions, similar to garlic contain allicin. They likewise contain composed on supplement that splits up bodily fluid in your mind and trunk while boosting your resistant framework moreover. The sharpness of onions expands your blood flow and makes you sweat. Which is useful amid chilly climate to help counteract contaminations, devouring crude onion inside a couple of hours of the principal side effects of a frosty or influenza creates a solid safe impact. Cleaving onions into your most loved soup or cooked formula is an awesome approach to appreciate them too. It might sound somewhat strange however putting a large portion of an onion in your room. While you rest can help retain a portion of the coursing microorganisms and possibly decrease the manifestations of your frosty.


Fiery, impactful and delightful ginger decreases fevers, mitigates sore throats and urges hacking to expel bodily fluid from the trunk. Mitigating chemicals like shagaol and gingerol give ginger that fiery kick that invigorates blood flow and opens your sinuses. Enhanced dissemination implies more oxygen is getting to your tissues to help evacuate poisons and infections. Examine has shown that ginger can help avert and treat this season’s cold virus. Ginger is likewise greatly supportive for stomach-throbs, sickness and migraines. you may feeling somewhat wiped out, a natively constructed ginger tea is one of the best things you can drink. Cut some crisp ginger root. Put it into a pot with water and heat to the point of boiling then drop in a touch of lemon juice which makes the tea a great deal more compelling at supporting and filtering your framework.


The Cayenne group of hot peppers (Cayenne, habanero, scotch hat and winged creature peppers to give some examples) contains capsicum – a rich wellspring of vitamin C and bioflavonoid, which help your insusceptible framework in battling colds and pipes. It does this by expanding the generation of white platelets, which wash down your cells and tissues of poisons. Cayenne pepper is likewise brimming with beta-carotene and cancer prevention agents that bolster your insusceptible framework and help manufacture solid bodily fluid film tissue that safeguards against infections and microbes. Hot Cayenne peppers raise your body’s temperature to make you sweat expanding the movement of your resistant framework. The fresher the pepper the more viable it is. However fresher likewise implies spicier, so pick appropriately when you’re debilitated add natural Cayenne powder to some warm water with lemon juice for an extreme resistant lift.

Green tea

Green tea is an intense wellspring of cancer prevention agents called polyphenols – particularly catechins. A few reviews have found that catechins can annihilate the flu and normal frosty infections. Tasting some green tea when you’re feeling under the climate can truly help you wake up once more. Take a stab at adding some nectar or lemon to kick it up a bit.

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