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How to Boost the Immune System Naturally

A healthy immune system gives us a solid protection against the flu or influenza that causes viral infections. The healthy immune system also fights against a large number of dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, jaundice, diabetes, hypertension, etc. So, everybody should know how to boost the immune system quickly.

There have several immune system boosters to boost the immune system naturally. Below we present the key elements to boost the immune system and steps to build a solid foundation for good health.

Foods to boost the immune system

It is approximately 75% of support for the immune system is coming from the digestive tract. Therefore, the foods that we are consuming have a direct impact on how strong or weak our immune system is. Base our diet on whole foods and fresh foods instead of consuming processed or packaged foods whose nutrients have been practically eliminated.

It’s worth paying a little more money on fruits, vegetables, organic dairy products and grass-fed meats. It includes berries, green leafy vegetables and naturally fermented yogurt part of your daily diet. Since these contain natural enzymes that help in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the rest of the food. Healthy foods do not have to be boring.

Season your meals with fresh herbs such as parsley, which is an excellent diuretic and cleanser of blood. Oregano and garlic fight viral and bacterial infections, dill for good digestion and sleep problems. As for drinks, choose filtered water and green tea or herbal tea for better hydration and antioxidant protection.

Herbal supplements to boost the immune system

The ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems use a variety of herbs and infusions to improve the immune system. Herbs such as Astragalus, Echinacea, Ashwagandha, Goldenseal, Olive Leaf and Neem are superior supplements that support the immune system providing effective results.

In addition, most of these herbs contain antioxidants and antiviral and antibacterial properties. So they can select for both prophylaxis and during acute episodes of cold or flu. However, if you have some pre-existing health conditions, inform your doctor before taking these supplements to avoid side effects.

Exercise to boost the immune system

Everyone knows that having a regular exercise regime is beneficial. However, most people just do not like going to the gym and having to do the same routine or the same exercise over and over again. If you are not a fan of conventional exercises, try something new like Pilates, Yoga, mountain biking, rock climbing or martial arts, preferably outdoors if the weather permits.

Walking or biking to work is another good way to incorporate exercises into your daily routine. Regular exercise helps improve the immune system by improving blood circulation throughout the body. It reduces inflammation, controls stress and promotes a general sense of happiness.

Anti-stress activities can boost the immune system

Stress is a major contributor to decreasing the immune system. No matter how healthy the diet you eat and how much exercise you do. If you are suffering from daily stress, your immune system will be getting effect undoubtedly. Take time to relax at the end of the day, participate in regular self-meditation sessions, write in a journal or do any other activity that calms your mind.

If you are consumed by stress and experience high levels of anxiety, do not wait and call your doctor to help treat chronic stress in your life. Make rest a priority and make sure you get enough sleep every night. Each person has a personal level of sleep requirements, if he wakes up refreshed and strengthened, it means that he has reached his quota of night sleep. If, on the other hand, he gets up tired, it’s time to take action on the matter.

Sufficient hygiene helps to boost the immune system

When thinking about how to improve the immune system, the issue of proper hygiene does not usually come to mind. However, on a daily basis, we are in contact with multiple hygiene products that can inadvertently affect our health. Hand soap, surprisingly, can have a direct impact on the immune system, especially if you favor antibacterial soaps. This type of soap usually contains triclosan that is supposed to disinfect the hands and kill the harmful bacteria.

The problem is that it not only eliminates bad bacteria but also kills the good bacteria that live on our skin and that are necessary to keep it in good balance. Avoid soaps containing triclosan – at any price and opt for natural soaps, widely available in health stores. Reviewing the hygiene regime will help determine that other products may be overloading the immune system with toxic substances. Antiperspirant deodorants, for example, contain aluminum that can be especially toxic to the brain and the immune system which can lead to various health complications.

It is preferable to use deodorants that include natural ingredients that fight the bad smell like sodium bicarbonate or essential oils. Toothpaste that contains too much fluoride may also contribute to a chemical overload that can translate into allergies and autoimmune disorders. Fluorine itself is not bad, the problem is excess because fluorine tends to accumulate in the body.

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