Babies Nutrition Guide for 0-6 Months

Mothers should know what the best nutrition guide for 0-6 months of babies and how to start healthy feeding for newborn baby increase the body growth and brain developments.

below the best nutrition guide for 0-6 months


There has no doubt that breastfeeding is the best meal for newborn babies. It is a great combo of vitamins, which gives everything needed for a child growth and brain development in the initial six months.  After feeding of sufficient breast milk babies do no need to feed extra water.

Breast-milk is easy to digest for babies, so you can feed frequently and remember that a little amount of breast milk is better than formula feed. So be ready to offer the exclusive breast milk when the baby wants to get it.

Breast milk is the best antibodies that help out the babies to protect from many infections, for example coughs, fever, cold. In additionally there has lot of benefit for long time for the baby’s health. Keeping on breastfeeding might help to protect the baby from sickness and therefore they might get up from others babies in pre-school age.

Baby’s stools can be loose and yellow color with little smell if they are only on breastfeeding.  Some of babies have frequent small bowel moving or larger bowel moves less frequently.

Breastfeeding complements the enthusiastic and physical prosperity of both mom and child. Many moms observe that the breastfeeding is additionally help to re-connected with their child.

Family members should help breastfeeding moms and inspire them to continue offering breast-milk for their infants, as suitable, even as in childcare.

Tips for mother

Breast milk doesn’t come easily but there need to take extra patience and strength of mind. No need to put extra pressure on yourself to succeeding cause after some time you will be a master of this job. Some mothers get this earlier luckily but some of them take little extra time to be an expert. Here are few things bellow to help the new moms:

  • Try with various positions of breastfeeding and discover one of the positions that are most comfortable for you and your babies can suck easily.
  • Pump to stimulating the production of breast milk and the extra supplies can be freeze up to give the baby if you want to take a break or need to go out anyway.
  • Use a high quality of pump that available in nearest market and that is the easiest way to pump.
  • Drink more than before to prevent the dehydration and have to take much rest that will help to produce extra milk.
  • Breastfeeding moms and babies get multiple benefits from offering the milk so keep efforts until your baby doesn’t want to stop it.


If the mother fail to supply sufficient breast milk for the baby then should give formula feeding which is suitable. Don’t neglect the formula feeds that is recommended for the babies who are not getting sufficient breast milk. Some of mothers are making formula feed in their home but it has no proof to compare it’s better than company formula feed. For the baby who is 0-6 months old you should offer appropriate feeding as doctors or child specialist recommended. Although there has no alternative to mother breast milk in the world but for the situation you have to turn over to the formula feed anyway.

Timing of feeds

Babies follow their self pattern for feeding or sleeping. So observe it closely when your babies prefer to take feeding and know the symptom of feeding schedule. Some of babies may sleep for long time but mothers have to feed them as early as the baby prefer.

Some of infants show many signals to feeding for example restlessness, mouthing or sucking and crying. However crying is the late sign of feeding. So In addition, should take special attention to the other signs excluding crying.

All babies are not feed equally, it may vary in quantity, but only mothers can understand that her baby have enough. Remember that you should not force the baby to take extra than they need or don’t force to finish the container.

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